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I’m Geoffery Mullings, and I want to help bring about a world in which data and science more broadly are used to inform and empower the individuals, households, and communities that make up the essential backbone of our shared economy. I’m an adherent to and proponent of multidisciplinary critical reasoning. In practice I bring together a suite of social sciences, particularly economics, sociology, and psychology, and use them as a lens to analyze insights from data science techniques. I translate these analyses into actionable visual and verbal commentary to engage non-technical audiences and arm them with the tools and information necessary to make decisions that will improve their and their community’s wellbeing.

I’m was born in New York City and raised in The Bronx. My background and experience living in what was the nation’s poorest congressional district shaped my interests and passions. In my college years I studied the human mind and how people socialize to get greater insight into the decisions made around me by authority figures, elected officials, and their constituents alike. My interests in Communication and Media enabled me to make my first feature-length documentary in college diving into the labor disputes between low wage, contracted security workers and my alma mater Fordham University. Since then I’ve used my media making skills to produce a range of media from rap battle tournaments and football stunt videos to zombie movies and macroeconomics lecture videos.

I briefly served as a citizen journalist, working to breakdown data related to socioeconomic issues in New York City for residents and decision makers visiting a blog I started with a college friend during my time in graduate school. This was one of my first experiences intersecting my fondness of data analysis for the public good with media.

I’m formally trained as an economist with specialization in econometrics, public finance, urban economics, macroeconomics, and socioeconomics. But my interests and analysis go beyond economics to various arenas of finance, including cryptocurrency, and into other sciences including criminology and epidemiology. My desire to understand my urban environment took me on a journey not only through all of these arenas of study, but also into the New York City Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget, where I spent half a decade as an economist forecasting personal income tax revenue using quantitative econometric methods and qualitative analysis. While there I addressed critical, reliability-hindering flaws in two fundamental equations – for estimated payments and capital gains realizations – that the City relied upon to forecast $2 to $4 billion annually in tax revenue, making them more accurate and dynamic. As immense of a challenge as that posed, the biggest reward was the opportunity to serve fellow residents as a change-making public servant.

A push to serve the public is what attracted to me to the classroom, originally as a teacher at Fordham University’s Upward Bound / Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) but in my longest tenure as an adjunct lecturer at the City University of New York’s Borough of Manhattan Community College. There I taught introductory courses in Economics and Macroeconomics courses to students from a variety of non-traditional backgrounds. As a graduate of CUNY’s Baruch College and the son of a Bronx Community College graduate, teaching felt like a duty to give back that I was eager to fulfill. The most satisfying moments of my career have undoubtedly been after interacting with students, making ideas like Modern Monetary Theory and Diminishing Marginal Returns more tangible to members of our community.

Currently I work as a Gaming Token Economist (sometimes called a “Tokenomist“) for a startup called Community Gaming, applying my passion for economic analysis and modeling to the exciting web 3.0 frontier of cryptocurrency.

Anyone who knows me personally knows my passion for health and wellness. Downtime for me involves meditation and yoga, you’ll find me under the barbell before you find me at the bar with alcohol, and my ideal version of hanging out involves hitting the track. My main physical hobby is powerlifting but I’m an avid sprinter and have practiced martial arts for most of my life. “Health is wealth” isn’t just my perspective on life, but it informs my understanding of poverty, inequality, and discrimination in the United States. True universal healthcare for our community is the power to control your health outcomes with no-or-low cost evidence based lifestyle interventions and without relying upon often exploitive, external healthcare infrastructures.

I hope you’ll explore some of the analysis and commentary I have on this site, and if you see anything of interest or want to reach out to me regarding inquiries or proposals please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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